Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Why I've Never Joined a Book Club


I am a very social person. I'm not one of those people who hides behind the internet and has this book blog because I'm an introvert. I like discussing what I read and finding fellow book nerds. When I meet someone in person who shares my love of books I get very excited. Almost too excited wanting to discuss all.the.books! 

But having said that the one thing I've oddly never had a desire to do is join a book club. My very introverted mother has been in one for years. Even during the height of the Covid pandemic she was disappointed that she couldn't meet in person with them. Weird that I don't feel the same. I've been pondering why on earth I don't join one? Here are my reasons. Are you in a book club? Why or why not? Am I missing out? 

1. Time

This is huge. I fully realize I make time to get to the gym 2 or 3 days a week. I make time to read many books and write this blog. But for some reason, I can't make the leap to give an entire afternoon a month to a group discussing books. Maybe it's that I'm selfish and want my time to be just things I do for me. Maybe when I'm old and gray and retired I'll be more willing to relax and pass the day with a group. But with a husband, two teens, three cats, a full time reading interventionist job, book blog, church, and piles of laundry I just can't get on board with purposely adding another thing to my week. 

2. Random People

Okay I know I just stated in the intro to this that I'm no introvert. But....I am very selective about who I spend time with. See #1 regarding my time. If I joined a book club I'd be faced with having to probably be around some folks who aren't my cup of tea. That sounds a little snobbish I'm sure but really, talking with friends is fun....sitting in person and talking with strangers about my deep insights regarding our latest read is really putting myself out there. At least to me it is. What if they judge me? What if they hate my opinions?  How do you cope with this if you are in a club? 

3. The Book Choices

Okay this one probably should be number one on the list. I only have so much time in my week....yes, I've mentioned this already. So the idea of having someone else choose what I have to read and then tell me how quickly I have to read it is just extra unnecessary pressure! I have a hard enough time choosing and reading books to review for my blog much less feeling I have to finish some book I hate just because I've committed to a club. Then we all know I'd just skim it and pretend I'd read it and then doesn't that kind of defeat the whole purpose of book club? 

4. Varied Genres

This sort of piggybacks on number 3. I could join a club specializing in just one genre if I didn't want to deal with members getting to pick from them all. Yes, but even within genres there are sub-genres I hate. Historical fiction and mysteries are probably my favorite ones right now. However, I really dislike most romantic historical fiction and I'm not big into contemporary mysteries. I'm not a huge Agatha Christie fan (although I weirdly keep trying to like her)... and I'm sure someone would regularly pick her to read for the club. I wouldn't blame them either. But then, back to number 3, I'm stuck reading it, and back to number 2, discussing it with random strangers. 

5. Political Correctness

This one is HUGE for me right now! Our whole world has gone insane with being offended. About literally everything. It's a serious problem. I mean, honestly, how can you even have a real discussion about a book containing history or strong characters without sometimes injecting your unfiltered thoughts. If I have to find time to read a book (I might not really want to read) and then formulate ideas to discuss and then I do this and get shunned because I've offended someone, I'm out. And I'd wager this does happen more often than I even realize. Part of the fun of being in a book club for me would be hearing deep, honest, no nonsense dialogue about the content. In today's climate I'm not sure this can be done. It's sad really because we are all missing out being so sensitive and unable to listen to ideas that differ from our own. 

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? Are you wanting to tell me, "no you've got it all wrong...book clubs are awesome!" 

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