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Time and Chance by Sharon Kay Penman

Publication Date: February 4, 2003 Length: 544 pages This is my fourth novel to read by Sharon Kay Penman. It is a sequel and begins after The Anarchy period in 1100's England. I admit going in I was already partial to anything about Eleanor of Aquitaine so this was going to have to be really awful for me not to enjoy it. I love Penman's style and her stellar research. She is known for being rock solid with historical facts and I am comforted by that when I read her books. It is not enjoyable for me to read a long epic historical fiction novel only to find out most of it was embellished or distorted for the purpose of the writer's narrative license.  The story begins with the newly married Eleanor and Henry and how they are navigating his reign as King of England. Penman does a good job of setting up the story through the eyes of several main characters, one of which is fictional. His name is Ranulf and my impression is that throughout the story and the previous book he is

Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone by Diana Gabaldon

  Publication Date: November 23, 2021 Length: 928 pages Hello book lovers! This is my first blog and first review of a book so bear with me as I navigate my way through this new adventure. I have signed up to be a part of the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2022 and have chosen the Level Ancient History which requires me to read 25 historical fiction books this year and post a review about each book somewhere online. I have chosen to start a blog because I'd like to have my reviews all in one place so that I can easily look back on them throughout the challenge. Thank you to Marg at The Intrepid Reader and Helen at She Reads Novels for creating and promoting the challenge.  WHY I CHOSE THIS BOOK: My first book to review is Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone by Diana Gabaldon. Full disclaimer...this book is 928 pages and I read it from November 23rd to January 2nd so technically I finished it in 2022 but started it in 2021. It is so long that I'm going to just pat myself on th