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Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Santa Klaus Murder by Mavis Doriel Hay


Publication Date:



253 pages


Hay only published three novels and all were detective mysteries written in the 1930's. I had not heard of her before reading this one. I thought the cover was adorable and the perfect read for the hot June weather. So I am calling this review a "Christmas in June" book review. This is part of the revived collection of British Library Crime Classics and so it falls into the category of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. I am glad these books are being republished and with such vibrant, beautiful covers. The story is told in a series of chapters written from the perspective of each character, with the main detective having most of the story from his thoughts on the case. It is unique, giving insight into how each person is thinking.

The Melbury family is gathering for their annual Christmas. Sir Osmond, patriarch of the clan is domineering and particular in how he likes things done. His five children: George, Hilda, Edith, Eleanor, and Jennifer are all very different personalities, including how they feel about and handle their father. There is also the money and inheritance to consider as each vie for what is in theirs and their children's best interest. Although they don't always see eye to eye, they gather together and try to get through another trying holiday reunion.

Friday, May 31, 2024

20 Books of Summer Challenge


Since I'll be reading and reviewing books anyway I thought this looked like a fun challenge to join! Thanks to Helen at She Reads Novels for posting her link to give me the idea and for Cathy at 746 Books for hosting. I am not choosing 20 books but starting with 10. I think this is more realistic for me. Maybe next year I'll dive in with more. Happy Reading everyone! 

My List:

1. Covert in Cairo: Book Two of the Fiona Figg and Kitty Lane Mysteries by Kelly Oliver- I love all things set in Egypt and the pyramids.

2. The Virgin in the Ice: Book 6 of the Cadfael Chronicles by Ellis Peters- It's time to dive into the next one of these amazing mysteries.

3. The Iron King by Maurice Druon- I have wanted to read these books for so long and need a push to get started. They are classics about a subject I know little about: French aristocracy. 

4. A King's Ransom by Sharon Penman- So looking forward to finishing and reviewing this last book in her Plantagenet series. 

5.  ABC Murders by Agatha Christie- This was the Read Christie 2024 selection for May and I just didn't have the time to read it. I want to catch up so I will be tackling this one in the summer. 

6. Taken at the Flood by Agatha Christie- This is the Read Christie 2024 selection for July. 

7. The French For Murder: Lady Eleanor Swift Book 10 by Verity Bright- The next book in my favorite cozy mystery series. 

8. A Gentleman Fallen On Hard Times: The Lord Julian Mysteries Book One by Grace Burrowes- I saw this in the Kindle store and the title caught my eye. It sounds a little like a Lord John Grey vibe. I want to see if it's a good series so I'm starting with Book One. 

9. The Enemy and Miss Innes: Tales From the Highlands Book Two by Martha Keyes- I enjoyed book one from this series and need this reminder to get started on the second one. 

10. The Greatest Knight: William Marshal Book Two by Elizabeth Chadwick- This is a long book so realistically we will see if I actually read and finish it by Labor Day. But I really want to read it after I finish A King's Ransom.