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A Christmas Odyssey by Anne Perry

  Publication Date: October 26, 2010 Length: 208 pages I have almost finished reading all of Anne Perry's Christmas books. They are short and easy to read in one sitting, especially on a cold winter day by the fire, or in this case, a hot summer day in June.  Each book is its own separate story so you do not need to read them in any particular order. It is helpful to have read some of her Monk or Pitt books though because some of the minor characters in those books take center stage in the Christmas ones.  A Christmas Odyssey concerns the character of Henry Rathbone. He is the father of Oliver Rathbone, a prominent lawyer who features often in her other books. Henry has been asked to look into the disappearance of his friend's son, Lucien. It seems Lucien has rejected a life of wealth and privilege for the dark underworld of drugs and sexual deviance. This being the Victorian era it is impressed upon the reader just how private the search for Lucien must be kept since no self r