Friday, June 16, 2023

Outlander Books: Ranked


The day we've waited for is here! It's the premiere of Outlander Season 7 on STARZ and I can hardly contain my excitement! After many production glitches and Covid restrictions, the show is back on track with a whopping 16 episodes for its fans. This season is based on the book An Echo in the Bone and it is one of my favorites. We will go inside more of the American Revolution and see many new characters added to the storyline. 

In honor of the day I have chosen to rank all the Outlander books in the order I love them best. Enjoy....whether you have read them all or not! Happy Outlander premiere day!

"The Big Books"

1. Voyager- Book 3

Always my favorite...I love the Battle of Culloden, Jamie and Claire's reunion, and the voyage to Jamaica. On my third re-read of it now.

2. Dragonfly in Amber- Book 2

The story of Claire and Jamie's political activities in Paris and the addition of Roger and Brianna make this one a close second to Voyager for me.

3. Outlander- Book 1


Even though I ranked this third in my level of enjoyment, it is still amazing.. and the original that started it all.

4. An Echo in the Bone- Book 7

The American Revolution takes center stage in this volume as well as a new cast of characters I love.

5. Written in My Own Heart's Blood- Book 8

Time Travel is featured more in this one and that is one of the main parts of the books I love. Also, more of the war and my absolute favorite last page of the whole series.

6. Drums of Autumn- Book 4

I really did enjoy this book but felt it had some areas that dragged. It is a great depiction of their move to the American colonies though and that along with the Roger and Brianna storyline has it ranking ahead of some of the others on my list. 

7. Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone- Book 9

This volume wrapped up numerous loose ends from the previous one and her fans waited seven years for it. So I enjoyed finally getting to catch up with the Fraser clan after being so patient. But it felt like a series of choppy short stories so it wasn't as satisfying an epic as I had grown accustomed to with these books.

8. The Fiery Cross- Book 5

Oh The Fiery Cross....this book has been rehashed so many times in Outlander circles as to whether or not it is downright terrible, repetitive, and wordy or whether it is a masterpiece of life on the "Ridge." If you are a fan of the books you know exactly what I am talking about! Having read it twice now I have decided it is both. And my second re-read really did make me a little more of a fan. Yes it could have been pared down, but that isn't Gabaldon's style. And if you really savor it and don't expect constant drama and action it can be a nice break from all the crazy travel of the other books. 

9. A Breath of Snow and Ashes- Book 6

So many people say this is their absolute favorite book. It is my least favorite. So I'm probably not going to win anyone over who loves it. But.....although I really, really want to like this book I just don't. It has graphic depictions of sexual assault, characters I loathe like Tom and Malva and their whole story, and just an overall feel of depression. There are a few interesting moments where you find out some tidbits of information related to the whole story arc and so you can't skip it altogether but most of it for me was either boring or disturbing. I was glad to finish it and won't miss Season 6 of the T.V. series either.  

Just for good is my order of enjoyment of the Lord John books and the other side stories!

Lord John Grey Series (including novellas with him)

Other Novellas, Short Stories, and "the rest"

If you are an Outlander fan, what order do you rank the books in? 


  1. My order is slightly different. 1. Dragonfly in Amber 2. Voyager 3. Outlander 4. Drums of Autumn 5. A Breath of Snow and Ashes 6. An Echo in the Bone 7. The Fiery Cross 8. Written in My Own Heart's Blood 9. Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.

    I know what you mean about The Fiery Cross - the first half is so slow, although I think it improves a lot in the second half - but I still like it better than the last two books, which just have too many characters who don't interest me much. I did love A Fugitive Green!

    1. So funny about The Fiery Cross because so many of us agree on it being slow. Yes, I loved A Fugitive Green!