Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Top Ten Tuesday: My Ongoing Reading Goals


First of all.....how cute is this kitten? But to my goals....I made my top ten list of reading goals for 2023 in January and it was fun to check back in to see how I'm progressing. That is, fun until I realize I'm not meeting a lot of them. But that's okay. My blog is to promote books and the pleasure of reading so I'm not going to stress that I am not doing everything I set out to and make a list with some old and new goals. And as always, thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl, for hosting Top Ten Tuesday each week!

1. Read more history- Well, this has not been my strong suit this year for sure. I have been so incredibly busy with my teenagers, job, home life with hubby, etc. that straight history has taken a backseat to cozy mysteries and authors I am already comfortable with. The last one I reviewed was Josephine, in April and I have read a couple that I didn't review. But this is one area I'd like to work on going forward. 

2. Read more from my Classics Club list- I joined the Classics Club in January and was so excited to create my list. Then when I started choosing books from it, the excitement waned. I don't know if it's just my crazy, busy life right now or if I just don't want to read them but it has been a real struggle. So I'm going to keep trying and maybe revise my list too. If I just can't get going on it then it may be something I decide to drop in 2024. Reading 50 classic books in 5 years is definitely harder than it looks! So far I've read and reviewed 7 of them so that is something to celebrate but not nearly enough to make my end goal.

3. DNF more books- I have gotten so much better at this in 2023. I am still trying to remind myself that life is too short and there are just too many good books out there to keep reading ones I don't like. So this has been something I'm really striving to do.

4. Try new authors- I have tried and enjoyed many new authors this year but still gravitate to my favorites. I have to remind myself that when reviewing books it is good to have a variety of selections or people will get bored with your blog. Then again, it's my blog so I need to read and review what I like, right? Thanks to my blogger friends out there though I've discovered some great new writers so I'm going to keep trying to branch out.

5. Be okay with taking a long to time to finish a book- I have literally been reading Penman's Lionheart for over 6 months. And it's not because it's a struggle or I'm forcing myself. If anything, it's because I love it so much that it is taking me awhile. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can't read it faster but so be it. If an epic novel takes a whole year to read and absorb I'm trying to be okay with that, and just enjoy it.

6. Ditch Net Galley more- This goal might seem strange to my fellow bloggers but here is what I mean.....sometimes I go onto Net Galley and feel pressured to pick something. But often I find I'm just choosing books because they are new. And then requesting them and dreading reading them. I am vowing not to do that anymore. If something looks truly interesting to me, I'll request it. If not, then log out and go find an older book, classic book, or yet another sequel book by an author I love. Trying to read and review all the new, shiny books is stressful!

7. Quit picking books based off the cover- So sometimes this can be fun and rewarding. But often, shiny pretty covers do not equal good books. I just get hooked in by the style and pictures. So I'm going to force myself to really examine the content more. We will see if I'm able to stick to this though :) I'm a sucker for beautiful book covers!

8. Set a daily reading minutes goal and stick to it- I've tried to be casual about my reading and just go with the flow but with life getting in the way I think choosing a daily minutes goal would be good for me. Even if it's just 20 minutes it will keep me on track on the busiest days. While I always want to read, it can sometimes be hard to do much of it when I don't plan to sit down and be quiet and focus.

9. Be okay with having several books going at once- Sometimes I'm good at this but often I feel like reading books piecemeal is somehow "wrong." Then I remember this is okay because forcing yourself to read just one book at a time can be frustrating when your mood is just not into that particular book that day. So I'm going back to reading whatever, whenever, as long as it's a book I'm enjoying.

10. Not care what others think of my reading- This is hard for me. I vacillate between wanting to read deep, thoughtful books and something light and airy. When I was younger,  I thought it was somehow a waste of time to read books that weren't teaching me something. Now as I get older I've discovered you don't have to be so deep all the time. It's probably from growing up with parents who really instilled a love of reading for educational purposes and weren't big fiction readers unless it was a classic book. I love and appreciate them for that but I'm finding with our world so intense these days, cozy books and lighthearted historical fiction is so good for the soul sometimes. So I'm going to enjoy whatever works for me and so should everyone else! 


  1. I like reading history, too. Hope you find some great books on that topic.

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  2. #10 is so important! Good for you for getting to that place in life.

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  3. Yes to #6!! I have been doing this for a while and continue to resist that temptation. I love reading "fluff" books because they can get us out of reading funks, and life is too heavy to only read heavy stuff. Read what brings you joy, and in doing so, you will be introducing us to authors we may not know about.

  4. Great goals! Let's hope that we both complete our goals for this year!

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  5. Great goals! I'm also trying to be okay with reading slowly. Who cares if it takes an entire month to finish a book? At least I'm reading and enjoying myself.

    1. I totally agree! I'd rather take my time and enjoy it than rush because I feel like I have to finish.

  6. Kitten is A D O R A B L E. And, your #5 is one I also need to work on.

    1. I think for most of us that is true. It feels like there are so many books out there we need to rush to finish and go on to the next one. But I'm trying to learn to slow down and enjoy the current one I'm working on!