Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2024


It is hard to believe that we are already here in January thinking about goals for 2024! Thanks as always to That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting Top Ten Tuesday each week. 

Some of my goals haven't changed since I last updated in October but it is always good to revisit them and see which ones to keep and which ones to let go of. Just knowing my blog is two years old is enough for me as I never thought beyond a month at a time when I started in January 2022. I hope your year of reading is rewarding whether you read one book or one hundred. It doesn't matter as long as you read what you love and continue to love to read. 

1.Drop the Classics Club

Hopefully this isn't forever. It is just something I have to do right now. It may not seem like a "goal" in the sense that I'm not striving towards something but it is a goal for me because I have a hard time letting things fall by the wayside. So my goal is to drop it and not feel guilty about it. I have tried and find myself dreading most of the titles I started out with. I guess a better way to phrase it would be to revise my list and pick it back up in the future. But it may be that for this time in my life, the classics just aren't for me.

2.Set aside daily reading minutes

You'd think this would be something I already do but it isn't. I read almost every day but it is very sporadic and unfocused and sometimes that really is all we can hope for. But I have found if I actually force myself to set aside a number of minutes to read I end up reading way more than I intend to. It's that idea of just get going and before you know it, you've read a whole chapter. 

3.Stay focused on the current book

This is a big one! While I will never be that person who reads only one book at a time, it is becoming clear that I need to force myself to work on one book in a reading session. I find myself reading a bit and then wanting to browse books online or skip to another book I want to start. But when I focus and work on the current book it is so rewarding when I finish it faster. 

4.Not care what others think of the books I'm reading

This goal will probably be included every time I write these goals. It is a big year for me...I turn 50 in July and sometimes I imagine I'm supposed to be this mature intellectual who only reads classics...see #1 goal...lol...so it is good for me to reiterate to the world....read what you love!! Just like friends, books can be for a season and time in your life that will change. It is okay not to be deep all the time. And it is okay to want to switch to something totally normally off your radar. My blog will always center around history and mysteries but there are so many variables within those genres that it includes many types and styles to try. I want to be happy with what I'm reading because when it becomes a chore, what is the point, right?

5.Keep my blog simple

One of my favorite things to do is browse other book blogs. There are so many creative people in the book world and I am in awe of the different styles and reviews. But I am not the most technology savvy person and I get overwhelmed trying to insert lots of pictures and graphics into my posts. So sometimes I just don't post at all for fear of being "boring." This year I'd like to write more and worry less about whether or not I am adding just the right colorful touches. Some of the best blogs I come across aren't fancy, but have fabulous content. If you take the time to just sit and read it.

6.Stop planning out my blogging schedule
While I will always have a general idea of what I'm going to write about each week (Stacking the Shelves, Can't Wait Wednesday usually) I spent 2023 often stressed about adhering to a certain posting and review schedule. I thought this would keep me on track, and it did, but it was also a lot to manage. I am glad I did it though because I discovered my own personal preferences about reading and blogging. I have busy weeks and slow weeks, like everyone else, and so I find that when I'm really busy I still get in a post or two but when I'm not busy I have great motivation to do more. I'm going to try to just go with the flow this year.

7.Interact more with fellow bloggers
Each week I check in with all of the blogs on my home page that I'm following. I absolutely love seeing the posts, reviews, and enjoy catching up on the ones who post about their personal lives. But I don't comment much and I should when possible. I realize this can get time consuming but you can just do a few each week and skip around. It is gratifying when people take the time to converse with you because blogging can be lonely if you feel like no one is reading your content. So this is a great goal for everyone!

8.Review only the books I want to review
When I first started this blog I never dreamed a real author would contact me. It was very exciting and humbling to have one ask me to read and review their books. And I thought initially I'd love to do this as a future goal. But I have realized that I just don't want my blog to be tied down to "have to's." Which is another reason I don't interact much with NetGalley anymore except to look for new books to promote. I have realized that while I love reading, reviewing, and promoting books I don't want to be in a position to promise someone I'll read and review their book when I either don't want to or don't have time to. It isn't fair to them or me. So I'm dropping the "have to" and will only review books I want to.

9.Go back to more actual physical books
While I love my Kindle, there is something different about paper books. I find when I'm reading them it is more personal. Due to my age and deteriorating eyesight my Kindle is so important to have. And when I go on vacations it is essential for space management. But I always want to keep at least one physical, paper book going to remind me of what reading was like when I was younger. I miss it. And so I'm going to see if I can do more of it when I'm home and have the right lighting!

10.Keep my book stack to three books or less at a time
This seems to be the sweet spot for me! A physical book and two Kindle books. I have played around with more or less and I always seem to come back to three at a time. I usually have one historical cozy mystery book, one more serious historical fiction book that is long and detailed and takes months to finish, and a shorter historical fiction book that I can read and review within a span of a week. Then I throw in a straight history book every month or so but I'm not finding I'm as interested in that genre as often as I used to be. This is a good goal for me to continue as I do get bored reading only one book at a time but have a tendency to take on way too many if I don't set a limit. 

I look forward to reading all about my fellow bloggers' bookish goals for 2024. I hope everyone has a wonderful year!!


  1. Good for you for trying not to care what others think of what you read. It’s so freeing.

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday post.


    1. Thanks Lydia! I will be sure to check out your goals list :)

  2. That is a lot of historical fiction, LOL! I am currently taking a break from historical fiction, I got burnt out. It won't be long before I am back in it though. Good luck with all your goals! Cindy -https://cindysbookcorner.blogspot.com/2024/01/top-ten-tuesday-my-bookish-goals-for.html

    1. Thanks Cindy! Yes, I am always gravitating to historical mysteries and historical fiction for sure, lol

  3. I usually have 3 or 4 books in progress at the one time now. Years ago I'd gobble up a book too quickly but having a few makes me linger over them a bit longer. I finally started War & Peace after years of procrastination & I'm surprised at how compelling I'm finding it. But it's been good to swap it out with a Georgette Heyer now & then. :)

    1. War and Peace is on my classics list which I have abandoned for now due to not being able to focus on it. I commend you for reading it! That is something I want to do eventually. Let me know how you like it. I also need to read some Heyer books too.

  4. I love #5. It's so easy to compare ourselves (and our blogs) to everyone else and feel inferior for any number of reasons. There is SO no need for that! Personally, I love all the different styles, voices, and approaches I find in the book blogosphere. That's what makes it such a fun place to hang out :) Good luck with all your goals!

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!

    1. Thank you Susan! I agree completely with your thoughts :) It is amazing how different they all are but I could browse them all day.