Top Ten Tuesday: The First 10 Books I Randomly Grabbed From My Shelf


Sometimes I feel like I have the same authors all the time on my shelf! Probably because I do :) I also read so many books on Kindle that my bookshelf is kind of bare these days. But here are the ten random books I picked out to share. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

1. Alexandra by Carolly Erickson (wonderful biography written in a narrative style about the last Tsarina of Russia)

2. The Road To Compiegne by Jean Plaidy (Book Two in her series on the French Revolution)

3. Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles by Margaret George (The title says it all....I need to read this!)

4. Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (truly a prized possession....I've read it four times and here is my review

5. Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes (a children's classic about a boy from Boston who experiences the American Revolution first hand...a fantastic book for adults too) 

6. The Highland Clearances by John Prebble (can be a bit dry in certain parts if you are used to historical fiction, but this is the gold standard for non-fiction information about this time period, I am lucky to have a copy!)

7. The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon (Book 5 in the Outlander series....I have all of her books so honestly, I could close my eyes and point and I'd probably have a good chance of getting one of them)

8. When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman (Book One in her fantastic Plantagenet series; I want to read it again one day but it's a beast to get through!)

9. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (a satirical take on the Christian life by a man I have read and admired for many years)

10. Fall of Giants by Ken Follett (I really need to finish this series....a great way to learn about the politics, wars, and drama of the early 20th century). 


  1. Ken Follett has written so many interesting books!

    My post:

    1. Yes he does, I need to try the second book after Pillars of the Earth too.

  2. I love when my Kindle shelf is kind of bare! It's a great feeling. Glad you still found some to share.

    1. Yes sometimes it's fun to feel like you can start fresh with lots of new books. I have purged my Kindle once of many just so so books that didn't grab me and it was actually a great thing.

  3. I have Gone with the Wind on my shelf as well. I often think about rereading it but haven't made that commitment yet, LOL!

    1. It is worth the time for sure! I always think it will take forever but then you get so into it the time just flies by.

  4. I love GONE WITH THE WIND and SCREWTAPE LETTERS. Both are such great reads!

    Happy TTT!


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