Monday, March 13, 2023

Classics Club Spin #33


Classics Club Spin #33

I am joining the Classics Club challenge this month to read a book from my list according to the number given to me on Sunday, March 19th. It is titled "33" because it is the 33rd time the club has had this challenge. This will be my very first spin. I am a little nervous about this as I like to have total control over what I feel like reading each day. But I made a goal to read these classics and this will help get me moving. I am already feeling waayyy behind! So wish me luck and I'll post on Sunday which book number I am tasked with reading. Here is my list of twenty random books from my Classics Club page:

1. Anna Karenina

2. Northanger Abbey

3. Jamaica Inn

4. North and South (Gaskell, not Jakes!)

5. The Man in the Brown Suit

6. Strangers On a Train

7. Emma

8. The Age of Innocence

9. 1984

10. Breakfast At Tiffany's

11. The Circular Staircase

12. Devil Water

13. This Side of Glory

14. Waverly

15. The Woman in White

16. Vanity Fair

17. The Talented Mr. Ripley

18. Now, Voyager

19. The Innocence of Father Brown

20. Whose Body?

Wondering what number the spin will land on? Check back on Sunday for my post! I have to read and review that book by Sunday, April 30th. 


  1. I've read about half of those and enjoyed them all, particularly The Woman in White, Jamaica Inn and The Man in the Brown Suit. I hope the spin gives you something you're happy with!

    1. I'm excited to read Jamaica Inn. I can't believe I haven't yet!

  2. No need to feel nervous - you have some fab books on your list whichever number comes up :-)

    We are also totally relaxed about spins - they are designed to be fun and to help us all read more classics, but if life gets in the way, or your mood takes you somewhere else, then c'est la vie!
    There's always next time.

    1. Thanks Brona! Yes, that's very true about life....we all forget this is for fun and a hobby because we love it so much!!

  3. Arriving late, so I know which one you got! I had no idea Now, Voyager was a book. I remember loving the film many decades ago. I'm intrigued! Hope it turn out to be a great choice!

    1. Ha! You knew before me, lol....yes I am excited to see how they are different from each other. Thanks!